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New Label

iCottage Records was founded in 2018, a natural progression on the back of the success of its sister brand, iCottage Studios established in 2012. Since that time, the studio has accommodated 100’s of talented songwriters, singers, instrumentalists, producers and other industry professionals from many countries including France, Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany, Canada, USA and the UK. Founding the record label and its publishing arm is a natural extension to that.

New Approach

The Founders of iCottage Studio have operated in many industries outside of music with businesses operating in over 90 countries covering diverse areas such as computer software, banking and even electricity provision. Cutting through all this business experience is one common thread – market disruption.

Many people in the music industry are highly critical of the ‘industry establishment’ and how things work. Most of today’s industry working practices are based on a way of doing business that was established decades ago.

Driving Change

But, there’s change afoot and iCottage Records intends to take advantage of this … to help the label and to help you.

Initiatives such as iTunes, Spotify, AWAL and iCottage Records emerged to help change the way the industry works putting more money in the pockets of those that really matter in this industry – the creative talent that writes and performs music.

New Artist Development

The music industry is changing fast, every day. Today, artists can be successful on their own but posting a few YouTube videos or songs on SoundCloud and hoping for the best rarely produces the results you wanted. It can work and you have already heard of many tales of instant, overnight success. However, more usually, getting your song off your hard drive into the ears of the listening public takes time, money and expertise. We help to simplify the complex world of music making your work available to a wide audience and help to develop you as a performing artist.

New, State-of-the-art Equipment

iCottage Records provides a creative, relaxing environment for emerging, ambitious performing arts talent – singers, songwriters, musicians, film makers, producers and the like – to create tomorrow’s top hits. The Studio cannot be hired; attendance is by invitation only. The entire suite is centred around Final Cut Pro X and Logic X apps working alongside equipment from Apple, Focusrite, Fender, Guild, Roland, Avid, Yamaha, Waves, Chris Lord, Antares, Rode, Avantone, GIK Acoustics and other high-end brands.

Want To Be Considered?

We can fund and help you plan your project and with all those things that help make it a success. There are only a few entry criteria –

You must be exceptionally talented at what you do … in the eyes of your peers

You must love what you do … loving what you do leads to success, every time

You must dare to be different … who wants to be the next Elvis? Not you we hope

You must be disciplined … no cancelled meetings, no lateness, just plain graft

You must be patient … you could get ‘lucky, lucky, lucky’ but success usually takes time

You must be all of the above … and the ‘iCottage Insiders’ have to agree with you

If you’re up to the challenge,

Think you have what it takes ? Click here to get in-touch.